Reviews on TripAdvisor

Here are what people have had to say about our past trips together!

Review 1 Click here!
This one is another happy travellers review

Review 2 Click here!
This is my review of my trip with Pham

Review 3 Click here!
Another awesome review from a traveler




The thread on Pham on my review post is super long. There are a bunch of reviews on Pham on there as well as others who are skeptical of this site, Pham, and her services. It’s up to you to decipher them and choose what you want to believe. Hopefully if anything, this site helps you figure out some sort of itinerary and help you plan out your trip. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

I am updating some of the sections of this site. If you have had the pleasure of hanging out with Pham and her family, please shoot me an email with pictures and whatnot so I can update the site!


5 Responses to “Reviews on TripAdvisor”
  1. Rich says:

    Hi Pham,

    What a fabulous website! Jet has done a fantastic job for you, and it brings back memories of a wonderful trip to Vietnam.

    I hope that you get lots of tourguiding business from this.



  2. Rich says:

    If you are visiting Sapa in Northern Vietnam and need a tour guide, Pham is just great. We spent three days with Pham visiting villages and makets around Sapa and can highly recommend her – she is delightful and speaks excellent English.

  3. Yvonne Tan says:

    19-21 November 2011
    Actually i was quite skeptical about the positive and negative review about Pham and decide to give her a try. Pham was a great tour guide, most accommodating and flexible in the Itinerary. We also went to her village – Ta Phin, enjoyed and tasted a delicious lunch with her sister, May & family, most warm hearted and happy go lucky sister, makes us feel so welcome. We also tried the herbal spa at her village, a different experience. As the train officers at the Lao Cai terminal is certainly not helpful and irresponsible at all, do ensure that you requested to be accompanied to your train cabin, we had some problems asking directions to our train cabin at Lao Cai by ourselves. All in all, i recommend Pham as a private guide if you are visiting Sapa.

  4. Benedict says:

    Hello Pham!

    Never got to thank you enough for taking us on the tour around the villages in Sapa. It was certainly the best part of my trip, and i have been telling ALL my friends about Sapa and how they should go there, and if they do, i told them there is no better local guide than Pham! Thanks for the Herbal Bath, incredible and unforgettable french fries and your hospitality. Hope all is well, and we should climb Fansipan one day together! Recognise me now? Ben from the student group in Dec 2011!

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